Fire risk assessment London

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Fire risk assessment Londonfire risk assessment London

Fire risk assessment London

Our fire risk assessment London services are for places of work and also common areas of flats.

Prices for fire risk assessment London services are based on the size of the building. The cost of a place of work up to 4000 sq metres is £295+vat. Prices for a place of work up to 10000 sq metres is £595+vat. In addition, we are able to assess buildings larger than 10000 sq metres. These are quoted on an individual basis. Our team also offer assessments of common areas of multi tenanted workplaces.

We also carry out fire risk assessments in common areas of flats and apartments. Providing FRAs based on national standards we guarantee that our reports will be passed by fire officers. If not, we provide a money back guarantee. Our guarantee is subject to date reviews and also no change in the building including extensions, processes or major changes in circumstances.

For more details about fire risk assessment London services

Persons can obtain more details about our services by either emailing or calling our team. We can also provide guidance on frequency of your assessment and other general advice on the phone.

Our assessors IFE registered and we can also provide full insurance details. In addition, we can provide references from many clients.