London fire risk assessment servicesLondon fire risk assessment

Our London fire risk assessment services will help your workplace or flats be compliant. Since October 2006 the Fire Safety Order has required all workplaces and also common areas of flats to be risk assessed. The Fire Safety Order replaced over one hundred pieces of law.

Managers can choose between carrying out their own assessment or appoint a professional fire risk assessor. Managers should remember that they will know many details of their workplace but less about fire safety law. On the other hand, fire risk assessors should have a good knowledge of fire safety but will rely on a managers information and records of your building to compile a fire risk assessment.

Our London fire risk assessment services will help a manager understand fire safety requirements in the building. We use a national public standard by which London Fire Brigade audit workplaces and common areas of flats. Our team will carry out your inspection in two parts. Firstly, we look around the entire building looking in every room and cupboard. They will record any faults that they find but also good fire safety measures. Finally, they will review all safety check records, fire plans and fire procedures. These include fire alarm tests, emergency lighting tests and also fire extinguisher records. In addition, we look at PAT testing records, electrical wiring certificates and also boiler maintenance records. There are many other record we look to complete the assessment report.

How to book your London fire risk assessment visit

Either call our team or give us a call and tell us about your building. We will be able to provide an instant quotation based on the type and size of the building. if you are happy with our fee, we will ask for your details. Once these have been given we will arrange a convenient assessment date. Most fire risk assessments of small and medium buildings take about two hours. The finished report will be with you in seven to ten days.