Fire risk assessment – What records will you need to keep?

fire risk assessment records




Fire risk assessment records

So what fire risk assessment records do you need to keep? We compile a list of what records an assessor will ask for when they carry out an assessment at your workplace.

So here is a list you will need to keep. Why not keep it with your fire safety log?

Firstly, an assessor will for the previous fire risk assessment, fire emergency plan and also any evacuation plans.

In addition, they will ask for maintenance records and tests of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. They will also ask for electrical wiring tests, PAT testing and boiler servicing records. They will also ask for fire training records and details of fire drills carried out. So what else might they ask for? You may or may not have all of these as your building may not be fitted with these features but they may ask for green box security release records, lightning protection tests, sprinkler tests and maintenance and cooker hood cleaning certificates.

Fire risk assessment process

Fire risk assessors will review fire precaution tests and maintenance records as well as procedures and training. They will also conduct an inspection of the building and will ask to look in all rooms and cupboards.

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