Fire risk assessment in London – What records do managers need?

fire risk assessment in LondonFire risk assessment in London

If you need a fire risk assessment in London, we will ask for records to complete the assessment.

So, what records do managers need to assist the assessment inspection. Firstly, we will inspect the building and this will include all rooms and cupboards. In addition to the physical inspection, we will look at records. Here is a list of what you will need to show the assessor:

  • We will ask to see fire alarm maintenance records and also a record of  weekly tests
  • We also view emergency lighting maintenance and monthly flick test records
  • In addition, we will look at fire extinguisher maintenance contracts and whether there has been a monthly check of extinguishers
  • Other records will include electrical wiring tests, PAT testing and boiler maintenance records
  • Your building may have lightning protection, cooker hoods, suppression systems and other equipment. We will also need to look at maintenance records of this equipment if you have them.
  • In addition, we will view all fire training records and fire drill records

In addition to looking at fire precautions maintenance records, we also look at fire plans and procedures. Your workplace will need the following:

  • A fire emergency plan which should contain as much information as possible about fire precautions and procedures in the workplace. Follow this link for more details of the contents of a fire emergency plan
  • Fire evacuation procedures for all times and for persons at specific risk
  • Disabled fire procedures for persons with reduced mobility, sensory disability, special needs or other conditions that may affect their evacuation

Some managers have all these records, while others may have only a few or none at all. Our assessors will provide you with a full list of records required to help ensure managers meet their legal duties.


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