Fire risk assessment Flats – What do you need?

fire risk assessment flatsFire risk assessment flats

We often get fire risk assessment flats questions to our office! So therefore we will try to ask some of the most common questions!

Do I need a fire risk assessment in my flat?

The Fire Safety Order applies to your premises, so you will need a fire risk assessment.

Do the flats in my building need a fire alarm?

The simple answer is yes and also the alarms in the flats need to be linked.

Do we need emergency lighting in the flats?

This will depend on the complexity of the escape route. If the escape route involves a number of hallways and stairs the answer will be; yes it probably will. But if two flats discharge onto a small hallway in converted house you will not need it. This also applies to signs and notices in the premises.

If you are buying or selling a flat you solicitor may ask for a fire risk assessment. Persons should be aware that you will need plenty of time to arrange a fire risk assessment.

These very short answers to fire risk assessment flats questions may help. However if you need more information about fire risk assessments in residential buildings either call us on 0207 419 5001 or send us an email.