Fire risk assessment advice – Multi-tenanted buildings must share significant findings

Fire risk assessment advice – Multi-tenanted buildings need to share significant findingsfire risk assessment advice

We were recently asked to provide fire risk assessment advice  for a London client. The client had moved to a new building where a number of floors were being upgraded.

Our clients had previously had good fire records, had regular fire training and also had clear desk policy. They had also started to provide new records in their new building. We carried out a fire risk assessment for the client. The significant findings were fairly minimal within their workspace.

The rest of the building was occupied by three other groups. The building was also having major building works. The builders were using a fire escape route at one end of the building so they could get to access the floors they were working on. We found a number of issues that needed to be corrected. These included: fire stopping of service riser areas and also keeping the escape route clear. These issues were shared with all tenants of the building so managers could prepare fire emergency plans.

In addition, it is a legal duty to share findings of fire assessments. Fire emergency plans must also be shared between responsible other managers

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For more fire risk assessment advice you can either call or email our team. In addition, you will find more points in our frequently asked questions section. Lastly, you can also access government booklets by typing fire safety guidance (plus your workplace) into a search engine.

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