School fire risk assessment

School fire risk assessment

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School fire risk assessmentschool fire risk assessment

So you need a school fire risk assessment? A good assessor will be able to carry out an assessment to a recognised standard and also help you save money!

The purpose an assessment is to protect persons in the event of a fire. It can also help protect the building and help you comply with fire law. However, too many fire precautions can cost a lot of money, so our team will try to reduce your costs.

Over provision of fire measures include; too many  extinguishers, illuminated fire emergency exits and fire doors which were not needed. There are just a few examples we found in the last three school fire risk assessment visits we carried out.

Our team can provide fire risk assessments that are either PAS 79 ( a national standard) or a similar report that uses a traffic light risk rating. This will help managers spot the higher risk problems  and also how quickly  they must be put right.

Our school fire risk assessment history

We have carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments in schools. We have been commissioned to carry out all school assessments for a North London Borough. In addition, we carry our regular fire consultancy for the same department. This has included means of escape surveys and also fire extinguisher distribution reports. We have also liaised with fire protection companies to advise on installations in schools.

In addition to the large commission above, we have also carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments for primary, secondary schools and colleges in London. Some of fire risk assessment visits have then been supplemented by fire training for staff. Since we are an approved fire training centre, our school fire training course is an accredited course.

How is a school fire risk assessment carried out?

Our fire risk assessments are carried out in two parts. First of all we look around the whole building. We look for problems that may cause a fire and also for practices that may cause a fire to spread. Then we look at test records and also fire policies. If you do not have all of the records we will tell you what you need in future.

All of our fire risk assessment team have worked for or still work the fire service as inspecting officers. This means that we can tell you what a London Fire Brigade offer will be looking for when they carry out an audit of your school.

For more information about a school fire risk assessment in your building either call our team or send us an email.