London fire risk assessment

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London fire risk assessment servicesLondon fire risk assessment

Our London fire risk assessment services will help your workplace or flats be compliant. Since October 2006 the Fire Safety Order has required all workplaces and also common areas of flats to be risk assessed. The Fire Safety Order replaced over one hundred pieces of law.

Managers can choose between carrying out their own assessment or appoint a professional fire risk assessor. Managers should remember that they will know many details of their workplace but less about fire safety law. On the other hand, fire risk assessors should have a good knowledge of fire safety but will rely on a managers information and records of your building to compile a fire risk assessment.

Our London fire risk assessment services will help a manager understand fire safety requirements in the building. We use a national public standard by which London Fire Brigade audit workplaces and common areas of flats. Our team will carry out your inspection in two parts. Firstly, we look around the entire building looking in every room and cupboard. They will record any faults that they find but also good fire safety measures. Finally, they will review all safety check records, fire plans and fire procedures. These include fire alarm tests, emergency lighting tests and also fire extinguisher records. In addition, we look at PAT testing records, electrical wiring certificates and also boiler maintenance records. There are many other record we look to complete the assessment report.

How to book your London fire risk assessment visit

Either call our team or give us a call and tell us about your building. We will be able to provide an instant quotation based on the type and size of the building. if you are happy with our fee, we will ask for your details. Once these have been given we will arrange a convenient assessment date. Most fire risk assessments of small and medium buildings take about two hours. The finished report will be with you in seven to ten days.

Offices fire risk assessment London

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Offices fire risk assessment London

Our offices fire risk assessment London reports will pass the London Fire Brigade audit. In addition, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee if it doesn’t!. Furthermore, our fire risk assessment reports are based on a national fire standard so are easy to understand.

The reports include premises information, significant findings and also an action plan. The action plan provides a time frame for any work required. Since we use a traffic light code for risk, the action plan is simple to follow.

Our office fire risk assessment London visits are carried out in two parts. Firstly, we walk around your offices and any common areas in the building. We will note your current fire protection measures but also what is missing. The we will then view your safety checks and also fire plans. Again we will note what you have and what is missing. This allows managers to easily understand what is required to ensure that they comply with fire law.offices fire risk assessment London

Prior to our visit we will send you a list of records we need to view, so you have a chance to prepare! Most assessments under 4000 square metres take less than two hours to complete. The report preparation takes another seven to ten working days. However, we will tell you if there are serious problems before we leave your building.

We have carried our hundreds of fire risk assessments in offices and other buildings. Our team are IFE registered assessors. We can provide excellent references and insurance details if needed.

How to book offices fire risk assessment London visits

For a  either call us or send us an email with your preferred date. It may be worth adding a few other dates since we usually very busy. We will send our booking email that asks for your details. As soon as we have them, we will confirm your inspection date and time. Our assessors will call you a day or so before the visit to finalise any last minute details.

Fire above Romford pub

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Fire in flat above Romford flat

Four fire engines from Romford, Hainault, Harold Hill and also Dagenham with 21 firefighters and officers were called to a flat fire on Collier Row Road in Romford. The fire started just before 2 pm, the fire was under control in just over an hour. Fifty persons were evacuated from the pub downstairs.

Although part of the first floor flat was damaged by fire, no persons were hurt in the fire.

Fire risk assessment pubs

Managers of buildings such as Pubs must carry out a fire risk assessment. This should usually be looked at annually or after any changes to the building or work practices. We recommend using a  PAS 79 assessment and report. This is a national standard, so will pass London Fire Brigade audits.

Common areas of the building also need to have an assessment. Persons who are responsible for fire safety must share the findings of their fire risk assessments. For example, a publican would need a fire risk assessment and so would a landlord of a flat in the building. They must both share what they have found.

How can we help

We offer fire risk assessments in workplaces and residential communal areas. We follow national standards and can also provide advice after the report has been completed and given to you.

Either call us now or send as an email for a quote.

Our assessors

Our fire risk assessors are fire officers or ex fire safety officers. Therefore, we know want fire service officers look for in a fire inspection. We will help you meet you legal duties.

Our senior fire risk assessor checks all fire risk assessment reports to ensure that all fire safety issues have been met. He previously ran a fire prevention department for one of the largest fire services in the United Kingdom.


School fire risk assessment

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School fire risk assessmentschool fire risk assessment

So you need a school fire risk assessment? A good assessor will be able to carry out an assessment to a recognised standard and also help you save money!

The purpose an assessment is to protect persons in the event of a fire. It can also help protect the building and help you comply with fire law. However, too many fire precautions can cost a lot of money, so our team will try to reduce your costs.

Over provision of fire measures include; too many  extinguishers, illuminated fire emergency exits and fire doors which were not needed. There are just a few examples we found in the last three school fire risk assessment visits we carried out.

Our team can provide fire risk assessments that are either PAS 79 ( a national standard) or a similar report that uses a traffic light risk rating. This will help managers spot the higher risk problems  and also how quickly  they must be put right.

Our school fire risk assessment history

We have carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments in schools. We have been commissioned to carry out all school assessments for a North London Borough. In addition, we carry our regular fire consultancy for the same department. This has included means of escape surveys and also fire extinguisher distribution reports. We have also liaised with fire protection companies to advise on installations in schools.

In addition to the large commission above, we have also carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments for primary, secondary schools and colleges in London. Some of fire risk assessment visits have then been supplemented by fire training for staff. Since we are an approved fire training centre, our school fire training course is an accredited course.

How is a school fire risk assessment carried out?

Our fire risk assessments are carried out in two parts. First of all we look around the whole building. We look for problems that may cause a fire and also for practices that may cause a fire to spread. Then we look at test records and also fire policies. If you do not have all of the records we will tell you what you need in future.

All of our fire risk assessment team have worked for or still work the fire service as inspecting officers. This means that we can tell you what a London Fire Brigade offer will be looking for when they carry out an audit of your school.

For more information about a school fire risk assessment in your building either call our team or send us an email.

Who is the responsible person in a building?

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Who is the Responsible Person in a Building?fire risk assessment in London

So, who is the responsible person in a building? We were previously asked by a fire service training department to run and host fire training courses. One course was Fire Safety and the Provision of Emergency Facilities for Disabled People.

The course had persons from a  theatre and also from a conference centre based in central London. The course covered subjects such as the fire law, fire emergency plans, disabled procedures, evacuation methods and evacuation equipment for the use of disabled persons. One person, a manager from the conference centre raised this issue! Who is the responsible person at a conference centre? Is it the Responsible Person of the building? Or is it the person who has hired the room and facilities? Or are there a number of Responsible Persons?

The answer depends on who has control over the building or occupants. The responsible person for the building is required to carry out a fire risk assessment. They would also need fire emergency plans and fire evacuation procedures. In addition, they must maintain the fire safety measures within the building and provide a save environment. The organiser hiring the room would also have a duty in ensuring that any persons needing help received it when required – whether from staff based at the centre or by the organisers.

Our Services

Our team provide a range of service including fire risk assessments and also fire training. This includes fire marshal. fire warden and fire extinguisher training. In addition, we provide tailored training and specialist fire safety courses. Go to our training page for more details.

Fire risk assessment London provide fire training  and assessments. If you require a fire risk assessment or training either email or call on 0207 419 5001 for a no obligation discussion.

Fire risk assessment in London – What records do managers need?

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fire risk assessment in LondonFire risk assessment in London

If you need a fire risk assessment in London, we will ask for records to complete the assessment.

So, what records do managers need to assist the assessment inspection. Firstly, we will inspect the building and this will include all rooms and cupboards. In addition to the physical inspection, we will look at records. Here is a list of what you will need to show the assessor:

  • We will ask to see fire alarm maintenance records and also a record of  weekly tests
  • We also view emergency lighting maintenance and monthly flick test records
  • In addition, we will look at fire extinguisher maintenance contracts and whether there has been a monthly check of extinguishers
  • Other records will include electrical wiring tests, PAT testing and boiler maintenance records
  • Your building may have lightning protection, cooker hoods, suppression systems and other equipment. We will also need to look at maintenance records of this equipment if you have them.
  • In addition, we will view all fire training records and fire drill records

In addition to looking at fire precautions maintenance records, we also look at fire plans and procedures. Your workplace will need the following:

  • A fire emergency plan which should contain as much information as possible about fire precautions and procedures in the workplace. Follow this link for more details of the contents of a fire emergency plan
  • Fire evacuation procedures for all times and for persons at specific risk
  • Disabled fire procedures for persons with reduced mobility, sensory disability, special needs or other conditions that may affect their evacuation

Some managers have all these records, while others may have only a few or none at all. Our assessors will provide you with a full list of records required to help ensure managers meet their legal duties.


More information

For more information about fire risk assessment in London either follow this link or call us on 0207 419 5001


fire risk assessments in London

Fire risk assessments in London

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Fire risk assessments in Londonfire risk assessments London

We supply fire risk assessments in London for small, medium and also large buildings. Our team provides either PAS 79 or PAS 79 style reports.

So, what is the difference between a PAS 79 and PAS 79 style report? PAS 79 is a public standard and many fire brigades audit workplaces and buildings to this standard. Therefore, some managers prefer to have this type of report. Others would rather have visual clues to levels of risk.

Our PAS 79 style fire risk assessments include the same information as the original version but also include a traffic light system for any findings. This allows managers can tell at a glance what level of risk there is in the building!

Our assessors have all undertaken the PAS 79 course when officers in the fire service.  They have provided over one thousand workplace assessments and lots of experience of fire safety. We also provide serving fire officers with advice on a regular basis.

If you need a fire risk assessment for your building in London, either call us or email for a quote or  advice.

We also provide fire emergency and evacuation plans and fire training. Furthermore your FRA findings and plans can be part of any staff  training sessions. You can view our  courses on the links page of this site.

fire risk assessments London

Fire risk assessments in residential buildings

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Fire risk assessments in residential buildingsfire risk assessments in flats

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires for fire risk assessments in residential buildings and also workplaces.

Managers of workplaces will all be aware of the need to carry out a fire risk assessment of their workplace. Landlords or flat owners also require a fire risk assessment.

The common areas of residential buildings need to have a fire risk assessment. This includes internal common areas and also external areas. Furthermore, residential buildings with a balcony approach (covered area that is open on one side) will also need a assessment.

Buying and selling flats or homes

If a person is  selling a flat, a solicitor may ask for a copy of the building fire risk assessment. This will help assure the buyer that the building is safe and also not have to pay for future works.

Many sellers of flats leave this to the last minute, but an inspection and writing a report can rarely be done with six hours notice (One recent request!). Sellers should have the fire risk assessment carried out a month or so in advance. This allows time for the inspections, report writing and carry out any remedial works required.

Landlords duties

Just like employers, landlords have legal fire safety duties and must protect their building and their occupants. It is not just a case of having extinguishers; it is also about reducing fire risk.

Landlords are required to carry out an assessment in all parts of their building, this helps look for hazards and who is at risk. Furthermore, an assessment shows what needs to be done to remove risks.

Landlords must have at least one smoke alarm on each floor of their building. They also need a carbon monoxide alarm in any room containing a solid fuel appliance. The landlord must make sure that these work at the start when a new tenant moves in.

There are also responsibilities on buildings that have no landlord. For example, a building with four flats and a common area. The four owners are all joint “responsible persons” and must meet legal requirements and maintain them.

For details of our fire risk assessments in residential buildings either call or email our team.

So who are fire risk assessment London?

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fire risk assessment LondonSo who are fire risk assessment London?

Fire risk assessment London is website for  City Fire Training Ltd who also trade as London Fire Risk Assessment Consultants.

Our team of assessors are all either former or serving fire officers so have a unique insight to what inspecting officers look for during fire audits. Our team deliver suitable and sufficient assessments for workplace and also residential buildings. By delivering PAS 79 reports, you can be sure that this will meets London Fire Brigade standards.

Established in 2009, our company has carried out over a thousand fire risk assessments in the London and also surrounding areas. The assessments have been for offices, factories, schools, care homes, public buildings, hotels and underground stations etc.

City Fire Training also provide a range of workplace fire safety courses and have trained thousands of staff. Furthermore, we produce fire emergency plans, evacuation plans and fire strategies for many different types of organisation. Our company is also an approved centre of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

How can you be sure your assessment will be correct?

Our assessors have undertaken the PAS 79 assessors course whilst serving in the fire service. They also have years of fire service experience as fire safety inspecting officers. Furthermore, some our team have worked for large national fire companies or have had their fire safety consultancies.

We provide a money back guarantee that your assessment will be suitable and sufficient or we will refund your monies. This offer is subject to any date reviews placed on the assessment.

We have many satisfied clients and are able to provide references for you on request. Please email any reference request to our team and we will provide pdf copies of some of our recent references.

We recommend that any person seeking a fire risk assessment should speak to a few suppliers. Ask questions about there services, experiences and qualifications. Our team are confident that we will meet your expectations and be able to provide a high quality service for you.

For more details about fire risk assessments, either call or email us.