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London Fire Brigade fire risk assessment review guidance

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London Fire Brigade fire risk assessment review guidanceLondon Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade offers guidance for managers on how often and also when to review fire risk assessments. This advice can be found on the above link and also by calling fire safety officers.

So how often should a fire risk assessment be reviewed? The LFB guidance note offers four examples of when a review should take place:

  • When a new work process introduces new or more fuel or also ignition sources
  • An increase in the number of staff may mean the fire exit is too small for the number of persons escaping
  • Changes to the furniture layout and also new partition walls which may obscure  staff from seeing a fire, fire exit and/or also affecting them from escaping in time
  • The use of another floor meaning that a fire alarm has to be installed or upgraded

There are also other reasons to review a fire risk assessment. These include fewer persons in a workplace, new or additional disabled persons using or working in the building,  portable heating being used when boilers or heating is broken and also the change of a use of room (ie office is now an IT training room).

The assessment should also be reviewed regularly.  Smaller changes may add up and therefore increase risk in the building.

London Fire Brigade fire safety advice

Click this link to go straight to LFB fire safety advice page.

Alternative fire safety review methods

Some managers may not feel confident to carry out a fire risk assessment review so why not appoint a professional? Our team carries out fire risk assessments and also reviews for many companies. We can either carry out a brand new assessment inspection or just review any new process, staff numbers and also any changes.

For more details either call us or email us and we try to help you. We also give free advice over the phone so do call if you have any concerns.