fire risk assessment flats

Fire risk assessment flats

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Fire risk assessment flats

So what are the laws regarding fire risk assessment flats standards?

Since October 2006 all blocks of flats require a fire risk assessment. This only applies to common arefire risk assessment flatsas and not to the inside of any flats. It is the duty of the landlord or managing agent to provide this. Fire Officers are able to enter a block of flats and ask to see the fire risk assessment. They can issue improvement and also enforcement notices to improve fire safety if needed.

If you appoint a fire risk assessor you should make sure they have qualifications.  Ask to see their qualifications, references and also insurance details. The fire risk assessment flats visit that they carry out should be a formal look at the premises. Ask if the inspection is a public standard or similar.

What will assessors look for? They will look to see how the alarm is raised, consider whether emergency lighting is needed, look at means of escape and consider if you need signs and fire action notices. They will not go into flats but may ask to see a front door / fire door.

We can carry out a fire risk assessment of your building. We always recommend that it is looked at every year or after any changes to the building. However, any reviews can be carried out by yourself if you have done all works in the original assessment report.

How to book a fire risk assessment flats visit

Either call our team or send us an email. We have many staff and should be able to carry out your assessment quickly. However, we are unlikely to be able to provide a visit and produce a report within a few hours (a recent request from someone selling  a flat).

All of our staff are ex fire officer and also serving fire safety officers. Therefore we know what London Fire Brigade will look for when carrying out a visit to your building. We can provide great references from other clients, our fire qualifications and also insurance details if required.